Psychedelic music won’t die. MTT Fest burned bright for one year and then faded, and from its ashes rises the Calgary Psych Fest. It’s a bit of a scaled back affair featuring only one day and one venue, but the content will be very similar, says organizer Barnaby Bennett. “It’s bringing in this cool out of town stuff and pairing it with weirder, fringey Calgary stuff,” he says. That’s not all, the one-day fest at the National Music Centre will also feature an installation by the Calgary Outsider Art Society, which “is going to have the more ambient electronic sets in between the main stage acts,” adds Bennett. “They’re totally doing this magic garden-type vibe.” To get you ready for the fest, Bennett provided some samples of some of the artists that will be dropping by. —Jon Roe

Laraaji & Sun Araw St John’s Sessions X Boiler Room London Live Set

Alex Gray (who plays in Sun Araw and will also be doing a set as D/P/I during the fest): “It was in an enormous old church in London—one of the oldest in London, I believe: St John-at-Hackney. We had been on tour with Laraaji already for almost a month and we’d been playing a lot of shows. There was a lot of reverb in the room, it was really weird. I think the recording is really flat because we were playing very minimally in that show. There was seven seconds of echo in the room, which was really interesting to play to. The actual gig was really cool; it sounded really cool because everything bounced across the room in an acoustically strange way. There was an upper level and the sound would get trapped in these corner pockets and refract back down. It was a really weird acoustical space for everybody in the room.”

D/P/I Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set

Bennett: “Him (Alex Gray, a.k.a. D/P/I) and I are doing a collaborative set at the show. I’m going to play live guitar and sing and he’s going to process it. It’ll be a live collage, kind of thing.”

“Once Over There” by Un Blonde

Bennett: “Un Blonde is Jean Sebastien Audet (Faux Fur, the You Are Minez, Zouk F—)’s new project. He’s always got new stuff he’s working on. I really like this one because it reminds me a lot of bands like Talking Heads. They’re pop songs and pop melodies, but really deconstructed, kind of angular approach to it. I can’t believe I’ve heard someone make that kind of music in Calgary. I’m really psyched to get him on the bill.”

“Luxury Us” by Tigerwing

Bennett: “We actually have a collaborative album together. I’ve done some work with her and her shows are a mix between contemporary pop music and performance art almost, in a evil in a way. (laughs). She’s embracing evil performance. It’s pretty out there.”

“The Everlives” by Sleepkit

Bennett: “It’s a duo, Ryan Bourne and Marie (Sulkowski) from Devonian Gardens. A lot of their pieces come out of improvisation. I guess they just jam a lot because they’re roommates. They spend a lot of time playing together and forming their ideas that way.”

“Sleep” by Barnaby Bennett

Bennett: “That’s on an Umor/Rex anthology I did. That’s how I met Félicia (Atkinson) who will be performing under Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier. We both released records on Umor/Rex out of Mexico. That’s one of my more ambient type tracks.”

Calgary Psych Fest: Saturday, July 19 at National Music Centre, 134 11th Ave. S.E. 8 p.m. $20 on Eventbrite.

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