The Lion The Bear The Fox at The Ironwood Stage & Grill (Tuesday, June 10)

The Ironwood briefly turns into a zoo. This Illinois band, comprised of Christopher Arruda (the lion), Cory Woodward (the bear) and Ryan McMahon (the fox), bring their beards and roots rock to Inglewood.

Football Under Cover at Cardel Theatre (Wednesday, June 11)

The world’s eyes turn to Brazil and the World Cup later this week, and to celebrate the event the Association for German Education is hosting a movie night. Football Under Cover is a 2008 documentary about a women’s soccer team from Berlin making history by travelling to Iran to play the Iranian international women’s team in 2006. Admission is $2, but you are also asked to bring a donation to the food bank as well.

The Kinkonauts June Show Week at The Birds and Stone Theatre (Wednesday, June 11 to Saturday, June 14)
The Kinkonauts open their monthly stint in the Unitarian Church basement with a student night, featuring their STU group coached by Jason Lewis, and continue the next night with Pyramid Game. Covy Holland has concocted an improv match with teams and prizes. Both shows will only run you $10. Check the Kinkonauts’ website for info on the rest of their shows this month.

Library Voices with Modern Aquatics, Peer Support and Dri Hiev at Broken City (Wednesday, June 11)

The Regina band brings infectious pop-rock to Broken City and are supported by water-loving locals Modern Aquatics, the friendly Peer Support and questionable spellers Dri Hiev. TicketFly has your tickets ($15).

Control at Motel, Epcor Centre (Thursday, June 12 to Saturday, June 14)

Geoffrey Brown’s new play is about two teenage girls who work at a key-cutting shop and take advantage of their station to break into houses. Major Matt Mason Theatre Collective enlists the support of theatre veteran Stephen Hair, which means you can see Scrooge for a price he would approve of: $10 for students and $15 for everyone else. —Jon Roe

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