Blue Christmas at the Jubilee Auditorium (Friday, Dec. 13)

The Reverend Elvis (a.k.a. Bruce Sheasby) won his title at the International Gospel Elvis festival, as he tells Swerve in a Q&A about his annual Christmas concert. Initially, he thought answering a higher calling would mean giving up his blue suede shoes, but he’s managed to juggle being a pastor with his love of Elvis. You can grab tickets to his annual Christmas show at Ticketmaster.

Jungle Bells with Liondub at Broken City Social Club

For those looking for less rhythm and blues and more riddim, the Brooklyn DJ takes over Broken City for some dub music on Friday night. You can hear one of his sets from the Cafe Noir in Soho, New York, above.

Die Hard Christmas Party at The Plaza Theatre (Saturday, Dec. 14)

Die Hard‘s an oft-forgotten Christmas movie (it is set during Christmas), but it makes for a fun one. The Fifth Reel serve up the Bruce Willis thriller with appetizers of music by The Escorts and a sweded version of Die Hard courtesy of By Heart or By Hearsay.

Snow Much Fun at the Bow Habitat Station (Saturday, Dec. 14)
Fish and Christmas don’t necessarily go together (unless you’re from Norway), but the Bow Habitat Station has some family fun for you this weekend. Kids can create in the craft zone, and a resident artist will be on hand to make special gifts for a nominal fee. And, of course, you can feed the fish at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery (the subject of a 2012 Swerve Our Town).

Tim Tamashiro’s Grinchmas at The Ironwood Stage and Grill (Sunday, Dec. 15)

The charming jazz crooner and CBC Radio 2 host challenges you to outdo his ugly Christmas sweater. It’s going to be tough.

And that’s just the back. It’s not all about ugly attire, though. The goal is to raise money for the Calgary Food Bank. Tickets will run you $20, though additional cash or cheque donations would be appreciated. Call the Ironwood at 403-269-5581 for reservations.

Bonus looping video for those tired of burning logs of the weekend: Christmas Cats TV

There’s a grandma knitting, a young elf passing out and plenty of cats wandering around. It was an initiative of the North Shore animal league to help encourage cat adoptions. Unfortunately, it’s no longer live streaming, but you can still enjoy the previously recorded cat action. —Jon Roe

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