Fubar II at the Oak Tree Tavern (Monday, Dec. 9)

You can be forgiven for not wanting to leave the house during this recent snowmageddon. For those within sledding distance of Kensington, the good people at the Oak Tree Tavern will be slinging tall boys of Pilsner ($4.75) and screening the Fubar sequel, which has Terry and Deaner head to Fort McMurray to find work.

Grant Lawrence at National Music Centre (Monday, Dec. 9)

The CBC Radio host might end up being the lonely man in the snowstorm (that’s him playing tunes and tending net in the above video). He’s in town to talk his memoir, The Lonely End of the Rink. Matt Masters and KJ Jansen from Chixdiggit will be playing some tunes. Admission is $10.

ADHD Christmas Sketch Show at Dickens Pub (Tuesday, Dec. 10)
It’s never too snowy for sketch comedy. Their December show, featuring dirty Christmas songs, lap dances for Santa and a hipster gift exchange, benefits a sponsored family in need.

Adults Only Night at Telus Spark (Thursday, Dec. 12)
Science, music and beer? Sounds like a good enough excuse to leave the house. If you can manage to break through the snow-heavy boundaries this week has created for you, you’ll be rewarded with a night celebrating broken boundaries at Telus Spark.

Jessica Stockholder at Barbara Edwards Contemporary (Thursday, Dec. 12)

Jessica Stockholder combined leather, fan blades and plastic to make that colourful sculpture above. She often deals in site-specific installations, but for this exhibit she’s created colourful creations out of everyday objects. She’s in town to talk her exhibition on Thursday from 6-9 p.m. —Jon Roe

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