A Christmas Carol at Max Bell Theatre, Epcor Centre (Opening Friday, Nov. 29)

Theatre Calgary’s A Christmas Carol is a holiday institution. This year marks the 20th in which Stephen Hair has played Scrooge, and although he won’t be serenaded by Muppets, it promises to be a special run. Haysam Kadri, who plays Bob Cratchit, is 18 years short at the moment, but as he tells Jacquie Moore he’d love to keep doing the role as long as possible. The Epcor Centre has your online ticket sales.

Zoolights at the Calgary Zoo (Opening Friday, Nov. 29)
The flood didn’t wash away the lights display. The Calgary Zoo has dried off and will be completely reopened for the first time since the flood. It’s the start of another Calgary holiday tradition: Zoolights. This weekend features ice-carving demonstrations and a station where kids can connect with Santa via Skype. Check out all the fun activities at the Zoo’s website.

My Prairie Home at Globe Cinema (Opening Friday, Nov. 29)

For those who missed the CUFF Docs screening of Rae Spoon’s documentary, My Prairie Home, about life growing up as queer high school student in Calgary, it’s back for a full week at the Globe. Read more about Spoon in Swerve‘s Q&A with Spoon, which we conducted at the time of the album release in October.

Movember Shave the Date with Hulk Hogan at Cowboys Dance Hall (Friday, Nov. 29)

To the joy of razor salesmen and the chagrin of moustache-wax peddlers, it’s the end of Movember. Who better to spend it with than one of the most famous moustache’s in history, Hulk Hogan’s Fu Manchu? Shoot a Burt Reynolds (1/2 oz spiced rum, 1/2 oz butter Ripple Schnapps) in mourning of all the departed facial hair. Tickets are $20 – $25 online.

Bass Coast Ticket Launch Party at HiFi Club (Saturday, Nov. 30)

Bass Coast has developed a reputation as a quality bass-music festival out near Merritt, B.C. Hifi Club is helping to launch the festival’s ticket sales for its sixth year (which actually started Thursday, Nov. 28) with a show featuring DJ Grenier (who you can hear above) and Neighbour, who both played the fest last year.

Bonus Photo Gallery of the Weekend in Celebration of American Thanksgiving: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Used to Be Extremely Creepy

As if monstrous smiling balloons floating down the street weren’t creepy enough. These old photos over at The Atlantic Cities blog show you how much worse your nightmares could be. —Jon Roe

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