The Great Gatsby at Max Bell Theatre, Epcor Centre (Opening Friday, Oct. 18)

You can’t have a show about the jazz age without some solid music. Theatre Calgary enlisted former Barenaked Lady keyboardist Andrew Creeggan to create the soundscape for their presentation of the stage adaption of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. You can hear some of the tracks that will be featured in the play and get an inside peek of his thought process in picking the music in Swerve‘s Playlist. If you want in on the production that promises to be as lavish as the era that inspired it, you can still snag tickets for opening weekend online.

The Motherf—er with the Hat at Martha Cohen Theatre, Epcor Centre (Opening Friday, Oct. 18)

Warning: the above video has NSFW language.

Misplaced headgear provides the spark for playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis’ look at love, addiction and morality. You can get a taste of the play in the above video clip of the original Broadway production (which featured Chris Rock). If you want to learn more about Alberta Theatre Projects’ production of the Broadway hit, read Swerve‘s Q&A with Carmen Aguirre who plays Veronica. There are still tickets available for opening weekend online.

7th Annual Calgary Beer Core Awards at Dickens Pub (Saturday, Oct. 19)\

Calgary’s hardcore scene celebrates its own at the annual Beer Core Awards. There’s plenty of accolades handed out (best guitarist, best new band, best album), but there’s also an award for worst band name. It promises to be a fun night. You can hear the 2011 best new band winner, Cowpuncher, above. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Mixtape presents: Dance Mix ’95 Improvised at The Birds & Stone Theatre (Saturday, Oct. 19)

A masterful choice of an album for inspiration, Dance Mix ’95 is my jam. This is the opening week of improv crew the Kinkonauts’ season and there are four shows on over the weekend at The Birds & Stone. Mixtape (Saturday, 10 p.m.) is a fun idea that takes an album and uses it as the inspiration for the improvised sketches. If you want in on the ’90s nostalgia, show up early as there is limited seating. Check out the Kinkonauts website for a full schedule.

Home Movie Day at Memorial Park Library (Saturday, Oct. 19)
If you have some old family reels gathering dust and no way to play them, Saturday’s your chance to show them off. Granted, you’ll have to do it with an audience of strangers, but what better way to share precious family moments than with people who don’t even know you? Home Movie Day was started by film enthusiasts worried that the reels and reels of home movies were being lost, improperly maintained or digitized and then destroyed. There will be film experts on hand to take a look at your reels, if you’re not up for showing them off.

Bonus Mini-Documentary of the Weekend: The Pixel Painter

Ninety-eight-year-old Hal Lesko’s medium of choice is MS Paint. The mostly blind grandfather found it was easier for him to make art if he could work on it zoomed in. The work he makes is incredible. Wired has a bit more backstory on Lesko, but you really should watch the short film above. —Jon Roe

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