Gwar at MacEwan Ballroom, U of C (Tuesday, Oct. 8)

There are a lot of things about Gwar that are kind of horrifying, but you’ll be thoroughly entertained if you check out the metal band’s show on Tuesday. There are still tickets available at Ticketfly.

John Cleese at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Wednesday, Oct. 9; Saturday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Oct. 20)

The 73-year-old comedy legend is calling his swing through our continent “The Last Time To See Me Before I Die” tour, which if it’s true, you’re going to be disappointed you missed out on picking up tickets when they first went on sale because the show is sold out on the Epcor Centre’s website. If you really are worried that the tour title has some truth to it, then you can pick up tickets on secondary sales sites like Kijiji, where there are a few available (exercise the appropriate amount of caution when buying tickets from secondhand sources, of course). If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll have to settle for the wealth of classic Cleese sketches on YouTube.

WAG! at Big Secret Theatre, Epcor Centre (Wednesday, Oct. 9 to Saturday, Oct. 12)
One Yellow Rabbit’s latest is a solo show by Denise Clarke, “a terpsichorean comedy of tragic proportions and a mosaic of highly personal moments.” Clarke dances and tells stories about loss and personal discovery. Tickets will run you $32 over at the Epcor Centre website. The show gets bonus points for putting the word “terpsichorean” (of, or related to, dancing) to work in the show description.

Adults Only Night at Telus Spark (Thursday, Oct. 10)
It is a matter of life and death at this month’s Adults Only Night: topics discussed include organ donation, death-defying stunts, heart dissection and life-extension technologies. As always, there will be drinks served to ease the tension a little.

Rae Spoon at Festival Hall (Thursday, Oct. 10)

The Calgary-born Spoon celebrates the release of their new album, My Prairie Home, about growing up as a trans-man in difficult circumstances. They (Spoon’s preferred pronoun that allows them not to be identified as either male or female) sat down with Swerve to talk about their new album and about being at the centre of a gender debate for last week. —Jon Roe

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