Fiction/Non-fiction at the Esker Foundation (Opening Friday, Sept. 27)

Jeffrey Gibson, Call and Response, 2013.
Photo courtesy the artist; Marc Straus, New York; Samson, Boston; and Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary.

The Esker Foundation’s fall group show is all about challenging “mainstream cultural and political narratives by offering transcultural critique through works that propose counterpoints, rhetorical questions, and revisionist statements (often as increasingly abstract forms of representation) to official historical records or archives.” Jeffrey Gibson, who you can learn more about in Swerve‘s Q&A posted on our blog earlier this week, uses deer hide in his work so that you’re naturally inclined to look at his work through the perspective of ethnographic history. That’s a lot to think about as you’re going through the Esker space and if you’re a little confused, you can always straighten out with a drink from the cash bar at the opening reception on Friday night. If you require further explanation (or more things to think about), Gibson speaks at the gallery on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. There’s more information on the exhibit at the Esker’s website.

Alberta Culture Days (Friday, Sept. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 29)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary is hosting a launch party for the province wide arts extravaganza on Friday night, featuring a light fashion show, cash bar lounge and Quickdraw Animation Society’s best of GIRAF screened on the outside. Across the street at Olympic Plaza, you’ll hear music from Cadence Weapon (check him out above), Makeshift Innocence, The Bitterweed Draw and Sidney Draw. Click here for Swerve‘s five across for a few more to keep an eye out for.

Doors Open YYC (Friday, Sept. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 29)

Postmedia Archive.

If you ever wanted a tour of the Calgary Firefighter Training Centre (a glimpse of it in action, above), the Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility for CTrains, the Traffic Management Centre or the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant (spoilers alert: it smells like sewage), then this weekend is your lucky weekend. There’s also plenty of facilities that are less infrastructure oriented, such as the Olympic Oval, the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary, and the Esker Foundation, but this weekend is really about seeing places you don’t typically get to see in Calgary. You can see a full list and find out more information at the Doors Open website.

Calgary International Film Festival (Until Sunday, Sept. 29)

It’s your last chance to check out the feast of films. There’s the Black Carpet Gala Friday featuring the Indian film Eega, which you can learn a lot about from the trailer above. Oh, you don’t speak Telugu? So a guy’s in love and then he dies and then he turns into a fly and then he seeks revenge. It sounds pretty awesome. You can get a more detailed synopsis over at CIFF’s website, where you can also find out about the rest of the final weekend of films.

Calgary Pincade Show at Marlborough Park Hall (Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29)

I’ve never seen Tommy, do they keep the pinball wizard in a metal suit until he’s ready to play pinball? That’s what I got from that trailer. On a semi-related note, you can let your inner pinball wizard out at the Calgary Pincade Show, which offers up dozens of arcade and pinball machines set to free to play.

Bonus Cat Ruled Island of the Weekend: Tashirojima, Japan

There are a few cat islands in Japan where cats outnumber people. There was a practical reason: cats were needed to kill mice who would eat the silk worms that people needed for fishing nets. Now they run rampant. You can see the rest of the photo gallery over at Kotaku. —Jon Roe

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