Titus Andronicus at Vertigo Studio Theatre (Opening Friday, Sept. 20)

A lot of people die and get mutilated in Shakespeare’s bloodiest play. If blood and people pies are right up your alley, then this weekend you can pay what you will to get into the Shakespeare Company’s production of Titus Andronicus. You should probably chip in something to help offset all the fake blood they’re going to use.

Tune In, Turn On by Franco DeFrancesca and Open Letters by Sophie Jodoin at Newzones (Opening Saturday, Sept. 21)

Franco DeFrancesca: Post Sustainable Deliverance, 2013, Pigment Print on Panel with Resin

Franco DeFrancesca’s brightly coloured digital prints are mesmerizing. It’s hard to look away. Newzones juxtaposes the intense colours of DeFrancesca with another exhibiton, Sophie Jodoin’s Open Letters, which are black and white drawings of open envelopes. There’s an opening reception from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday and DeFrancesca will be in attendance.

5 km Poetry Shuffle along the Bow River (Saturday, Sept. 21)
Saturday’s POP (probability of precipitation) is only at 10 per cent. Unless poets are a particularly unlucky group of people, it should be a fine and warm day for a stroll along the Bow River. Starting at Pages, poet laureate Kris Demeanor and House of Blue Skies publisher Dymphny Dronyk lead a procession along the Bow River, stopping for readings at various places from poets who submitted to the Calgary Project—A City Map in Verse and Visual. The shuffle is partially a way to bring attention to their InvestYYC to get the anthology published. The walk is slated to take most of the afternoon, but you’re welcome to drop in and drop out along the route. See a map of where they’re walking on the Facebook event page.

Calgary International Flamenco Festival (Opening Saturday, Sept. 21)

There’s a big international star in Olga Pericet at the Calgary International Flamenco Fest, but local dancer (and the festival’s artistic director) Fiona Malena gets the festivities going on Saturday. For those who want to learn how to do flamenco, the festival includes a bunch of workshops. The early ones cost money, but next weekend there’s a free adult beginner workshop with Pericet on the Saturday. There’s limited spaces, so register now.

Equinox Vigil at Union Cemetery (Sunday, Sept. 22)

For something that happens to everyone, death isn’t something we deal with openly often. The Equinox Vigil, according to organizer Sharon Stevens, aims at normalizing death as well as giving people a chance to share their experiences with it. If you’re worried about going and need a primer, say no more: Swerve has you covered with a poseur’s guide.

Bonus Photo Essay from Beakerhead for the Weekend: The Story of Steve and Zoe

Local photographer Kelly Hofer ran with the art and science theme at Beakerhead and created a beautiful photo essay. It tells the story of Steve, an astronaut, and Zoe, his wife who he finds boring. Take a look at the rest of the great shots at Hofer’s blog. —Jon Roe

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