YYComedy Festival (Opening Monday, Sept. 9)

The second annual fest holds a week full of shows, with a proclamation from the mayor fresh in its pocket. You can see all the fun that will take place this week on the schedule at YYComedy’s website, but there’s a couple things to look out for: early in the week, Comedy Monday Night turns into The Under Cover Comedy Show and will feature some of the festival comedians; comedian rabblerouser Andy Kindler plays Loose Moose Theatre on Thursday in his first appearance in Calgary since the 1990s; and the big gala starring Dave Foley goes this weekend.

Action Bronson and Danny Brown at Commonwealth Bar & Stage (Tuesday, Sept. 10)

Another fantastic rap show on a Tuesday. You may want to book off a half day on Wednesday (tickets are available over at Zoobis). If you can’t afford to lose the sleep it’ll likely cost you to see Action Bronson and Brown, instead you can enjoy Action Bronson’s heartwarming visit to an old folks’ home, above. (Note: Danny Brown was turned away at the border, so Action Bronson will be performing alone at Commonwealth. Refunds are available at point of purchase.)

War Horse at the Jubilee Auditorium (Opening Tuesday, Sept. 10)

The star of the play is the three-man puppet that is Joey the horse (which you can learn a bit about in the  TED talk, above), but there are also actual actors playing second fiddle to the lifelike creation. Calgarian Caden Douglas plays a human at this stop for Broadway Across Canada, but previously he worked the hindquarters during a year-long stay in Toronto. Read his Q&A with Swerve about his experience as a horse’s ass.

Beakerhead (Opening Wednesday, Sept. 11)
There is a lot going on at Beakerhead. The inaugural arts-and-science festival pops up all over the city, including in Forest Lawn at Artbox on 17E. Swallow-a-Bicycle presents i-Robot Theatre, a live sci-fi play with puppets and robots (of course), starting Wednesday. Theatre Junction also gets in on the festivities on Wednesday with a production of Diespace 3.0, an interactive piece by Amsterdam-based PIPS:lab about a new social network you can only join when you die. Elsewhere, chefs and bartenders put on their lab coats to create experimental eats at several restaurants around town, including downtownfood, Candela Lounge and Charcut Roast House. There’s also a carnival powered by renewable energy like vegetable oil, wind and solar. This post could really just be Five Things To Do This Week at Beakerhead, but you’re better served taking a look at the list of events and seeing what grabs your eye.

A Taste of the CPO at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Thursday, Sept. 12)
The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra wants to show you what they’re going to be doing this season. Tickets are $20 and you’ll get a sampling of this season’s offerings. You can also get a chance to meet the musicians, but please refrain from tasting them, despite what the event’s title implies. —Jon Roe

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