Stoboked at Axis Contemporary Art (Opening Friday, May 10)

Image by Mandy Stobo, courtesy Axis Contemporary Art.

Mandy Stobo is best known for her Bad Portraits—you can often find her at the Ship and Anchor on Sundays painting watercolours of Calgarians—but she also paints bigger, non-portrait works (and she paints grates, as detailed in a Swerve Our Town from last year). Of course, she also paints bigger portraits, aptly named Big Bad Portraits. You can see an exhibition of her work at Axis Contemporary Art starting this Friday, including the Bads, Big Bads and her large-scale mixed media works. Also, you can preview her artwork at Axis’ website.

Hairspray at Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre (Opening Friday, May 10)

Storybook Theatre presents the movie-turned-Broadway-hit-turned-movie. Swerve wonders how it would fair in a head-to-head matchup with someone else rooted in the ’60s, Tom Jones, in our Tale of the Tape. (Deerfoot Inn & Casino is presenting a Tom Jones tribute show by Dave La Fame this weekend as well; Ticketmaster has the goods you need to get in.)

British Rhapsody at River Park Church (Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11)

One show wasn’t enough to cover all the British popular music (and apparently, two might not have been enough either, as most of the tickets to this weekend’s British Rhapsody concert have already been snapped up). Revv52 adds strings to complement its regular band on songs by Queen, Tom Jones, Elton John and Coldplay. There are still tickets available to the Saturday matinee, available here.

Panic at Vertigo Theatre Centre (All weekend)
It would’ve been Saul Bass’ 93rd birthday this week, and Google honoured director Alfred Hitchcock’s go-to graphic artist with a doodle. Coincidentally, Vertigo Mystery Theatre’s last show of the season also draws from Hitchcock. You can find out more about the mystery play loosely based on an incident from the famed director’s life in Swerve’s Five Facts from tomorrow’s magazine.

In Transit at The Wright Theatre, MRU (Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11)
Ember Dance Company’s first show is all about a day in Calgary; its landmarks, its people and its idiosyncrasies. The choreography is a mix of contemporary movement, house, jazz, ballet and vogue. You can pick up tickets at Eventbrite.

Bonus Local Music for the Weekend: Lucid 44 and Sandy Cassels album releases

For $10 you can celebrate two local bands’ album releases at the Palomino. Sandy Cassels drops The Summer of Assurances (you can hear a sampling of their music above) while Lucid 44 also drops a new record (you can hear their music on —Jon Roe

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