1. Wreck City in Sunnyside (Opening Friday, April 19)

Lorraine Hjalte, Calgary Herald

City artists are making good use of some houses in Sunnyside slated for demolition, and turning them into temporary installation and art spaces for a week. Starting Friday, you can see the dozens of artists’ works in the houses near the Sunnyside C-Train station. Due to an extremely limited budget, a lot of the installations are made from material available inside the houses or from recycled goods, like Camille Betts’ vinyl and VHS tape shrine you can see above (an ode to Phil Collins’ No Jacket Required maybe?). You can see a schedule of the special opening-night events, as well as when the houses will have their doors open for tours on Wreck City’s website. Check out Stephen Hunt’s story in the Calgary Herald for more info on the project.

2. Songs from Nightingale Alley at Big Secret Theatre, Epcor Centre (Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20)
You  have only four chances starting this weekend to see One Yellow Rabbit’s musical salon based on works by anonymous 19th-century poets. David Rhymer wrote the piece and the saucy content is sure to titillate.

3. La Traviata at Jubilee Auditorium (Opening Saturday, April 20)

Calgary Opera’s season-long tribute to Giuseppi Verdi comes to a close with La Traviata, which tells the tragic story of woman who gives up a lavish lifestyle for love and then dies of tuberculosis, or as they called it in the 1800s, consumption. TB causes significant weight loss, literally consuming the individual suffering from it, which is how the disease got its nickname. And that is your Industrial Revolution-era etymology lesson for the week.

4. The Intergalactic Nemesis at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Saturday, April 20)

It’s an early comic fix for those who can’t wait for next week’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (or for those who didn’t get into the sold-out event). There’ll be a big screen, projected comic panels and live dialogue and music. Find out more in Swerve‘s Five Facts from tomorrow’s issue.

5. Tintinnabulation at Axis Contemporary Art (Opening Saturday, April 20)

Verna Vogel’s urban abstract paintings are inspired by her time spent living and working in downtown Calgary. She’s since moved to the suburbs, and these colourful works are a visual echo of the sights of her former environment. The opening reception runs from 2-5 p.m. on Saturday.

Bonus Thing To Do This Weekend: Locomotive Ghost album release at Lux Laundromat on Saturday, April 20

Local band Locomotive Ghost will be dropping four vinyl releases this year, each based on a season. They’re releasing Spring at the Lux Laundromat (which makes sense, what with all the cleaning that goes on there). There will be an art installation as well, which they installed at the Lux earlier this week. —Jon Roe

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