1. Death, Decay and Dentists in Early Egypt at Room EDC 287, U of C (Friday, April 5)

By the looks of that mummy, you might be surprised to learn there was any oral care at all thousands of years ago. But ancient Egypt was one of many civilizations practising crude forms of dentistry. Learn more about the practices from the University of Alberta’s Nancy Lovell and realize the worst part about early Egyptian dentists wasn’t the lack of anesthesia (hint, it involved a recently dead mouse).

2. The Passion of Russia with James Ehnes at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6)

James Ehnes is a virtuoso violinist from Brandon, Manitoba. The Julliard graduate guesses that it was an Itzhak Perlman guest spot on Sesame Street that turned him onto the violin at the age of four. You can find out more about Ehnes in this profile from La Scena Musicale from 1998 (since the article was published 15 years ago, he did manage to find himself a Stradivarius—an $8 million “Marsick” Stradivarius hailing from 1715). He plays pieces from Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich this weekend with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

3. Turn Up The Get Down at Theatre Junction Grand (Opening Friday, April 5)

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks ventures into strange territory: breakdancing and hip-hop beats. Find out more about this high-energy production in Jacquie Moore’s five facts from tomorrow’s magazine.

4. Calgary Spoken Word Festival (Starting Saturday, April 6)
The first event of the 2013 Calgary Spoken Word Festival is all about the kids. Shelf Life Books hosts a youth poetry slam on Saturday at noon. Admission is by donation. Bruce Weir has four more events for you to check out during this month of spoken word.

5. Superelastic at Herringer Kiss Gallery (Opening Saturday, April 6)

Paula Prentiss (2012). Oil on canvas by Ben van Nettten, courtesy Herringer Kiss Gallery.

Painter Ben van Netten creates tension with his distorted and stretched images because they’re so photorealistic. In fact, he prefers that they’re presented as photos. The opening reception for his exhibition, Superelastic, at Herringer Kiss Gallery runs from 12-5 p.m. on Saturday.

Trippy Stop Motion Graffiti Animation of the Weekend: Big Bang Big Boom by Blu

Blu is an Italian artist who works both in giant graffiti murals and in amazing, multi-wall stop-motion graffiti animation. The videos are long (this one clocks in at about nine minutes), but they’re mesmerizing. —Jon Roe

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