1. Mario Kart Monday at The Drum & Monkey/Bamboo Lounge (Monday, April 1)

The racing video game Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System turns 21 this year (as this Penny Arcade comic points out, making everyone in Generation Y realize they’re getting older), so it’s fitting that people playing the game have migrated from living rooms to bars. Brush up on your power-sliding technique (found on more recent iterations of the game—sorry if you were looking for a vintage fix) at the Drum while enjoying mini pizzas for $3.25 and pints of beer for $3.50.

2. If I Weren’t With You at Lunchbox Theatre (Opening Monday, April 1)
Lunchbox’s newest production starts with the happy ending—a wedding. From there, the married couple realizes it’s not easy keeping a relationship going. Find out more about the piece from first-time director David Leyshon in this Q+A.

3. Bon Jovi at the Scotiabank Saddledome (Tuesday, April 2)

I’ve heard rumours that he’s a cowboy riding on a steel horse and that he’s generally wanted dead or alive (though one assumes alive, to perform his rocking duties). The classic rocker fills the ‘Dome and there are still tickets available.

4. TransCanada Alberta Music Series at Engineered Air Theatre, Epcor Centre (Wednesday, April 3 to Saturday, April 6)

Over four nights you’ll get the full spectrum of Alberta music. Each night is themed, starting with FolkRoots and including the duo Pear on Wednesday. We have a playlist of our favourites from the 12 featured artists to get you started.

5. That’s What She Said at Impro Depot (Thursday, April 4)
Rick Hilton noticed something about improv, as he tells Bruce Weir in the Cheap Date from Friday’s magazine, it’s mostly dudes getting up on the stage. That’s What She Said, a monthly all-female night of improv at the Impro Depot, aims at getting gender-parity in the male-dominated art form. —Jon Roe

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