The annual celebration of all things musical and Albertan, the TransCanada Alberta Music Series brings together artists from across the province for a four-night fest showcasing musicians in a variety of styles. This year features 12 artists sorted into four sessions: FolkRoots (April 3), IndieRock (April 4), MixTape (April 5) and PopArt (April 6). Each night offers a sampling of the province’s musical landscape.
That’s a lot of music to take in, so Swerve has done some homework for you. Here’s a playlist of our favourites from the featured artists.

1. “Waste of a Wedding” by Leeroy Stagger

Stagger is a regular on Alberta stages, but he’s a native of Victoria, B.C. This track off his 2010 album, Little Victories, shows off Stagger’s songwriting acumen.

2. “The Clear” by Lucky Sonne

The trio’s 2012 release, Trailer, is so-called because the entire album was recorded in a six-foot-by-10-foot trailer on a sheep and bee acreage outside Priddis. You can’t get more Albertan than that.

3. “Dali’s Dream” by PEAR

PEAR is only a duo—couple Lynae and Denis Dufresne—but on “Dali’s Dream,” they use loops to get the most out of their limited numbers.

4. “Dance Me” by Anita Athavale

A moody piano track produced by Russell Broom, who has worked with Jann Arden and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

5. “The Pearl” by Jon Gant

Gant’s gravelly vocals sound like they’ve endured their fair share of Alberta Premium.

6. “You’ll Do” by Chris Gheran

Gheran was the recent subject of a Swerve Our Town, pictured doing his duties as the opening act at Gallery House Concerts. “You’ll Do” is a little bit of tongue-in-cheek about lovin’ the one you’re with.

7. “Paris Green” by Jessica Jalbert

The video for this is visually stunning; the music is charmingly lo-fi.

8. “Seeds From The Schoolyard” by The Mountaineer

The lead track off The Mountaineer’s 2012 release, Hit The Woodshed, kicks off a solid seven-track initial output.

9. “There Is” by WiL

The music of WiL, a.k.a. Wil Mimnaugh, might be familiar to you: his song “Roam” provided the musical backdrop to Travel Alberta’s Remember to Breathe ad campaign.

10. “Spin” by Boreal Sons

Four-piece Boreal Sons’ melodic four-track EP, Bedtime Briar, which starts with “Spin,” was inspired by the dreams of a close friend: a cherished golden retriever.

11. “Open Wide” by jocelyn & lisa

A heartfelt contribution from the duo comprised of vocalist Jocelyn Alice and guitarist Lisa Jacobs.

12. “The Good Ones” by Nuela Charles

Singer Nuela Charles belts out her tunes over a funky bassline and soulful horns. —Jon Roe

TransCanada Alberta Music Series: April 3-6 at Engineered Air Theatre, Epcor Centre. 7:30 p.m. $18; four-day pass, $54.

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