1. International Festival of Animated Objects (Ongoing)

It wouldn’t be an animated objects festival without a contribution from the pride of Calgary’s puppetry community, the Old Trouts. The International Animated Festival of Animated Objects keeps rolling with a lecture by Pete Balkwill of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop and two mainstage shows on Tuesday. The lecture is at noon; the two shows—SNAFU’s Little Orange Man and Paul Zaloom’s White Like Me: A Hunky Dory Puppet Show—start at 7 p.m. at the recently opened Festival Hall. You can read more about the shows and get a full schedule on the festival’s website.

2. Birds of Paradise with Tim Laman and Ed Scholes at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Tuesday, March 12)
Tim Laman and Ed Scholes are on a mission to document all 39 birds of paradise. They’ve become very familiar with living in tents. You can see some of the colourful creatures they’ve seen in this Guardian photo gallery. Hear the duo speak at the latest installment of National Geographic Live.

3. Jeremy Hotz at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Epcor Centre (Wednesday, March 13)

The comedian has yet to find something to make him happy, as his tour name—The Magical Misery Tour—indicates.

4. The Ends of the Earth at Vertigo Playhouse Theatre (Opening Thursday, March 14)
The Ends of the Earth isn’t exactly a mystery play, which is what you would expect from Vertigo Mystery Theatre, but director Craig Hall says, “it’s kind of like a hard-boiled detective story wrapped in satirical comedy. It’s a detective trying to figure not who committed a crime, but whether a crime was actually committed.” Learn more about the play and its playwright, the esteemed Vancouverite Morris Panych, in our poseur’s guide from Friday’s magazine.

5. The Valley at Martha Cohen Theatre, Epcor Centre (Opening Thursday, March 14)

The first opening night of Alberta Theatre Projects’ playRites festival comes Thursday. The Valley by Joan MacLeod deals with complex issues like depression, and our relationship with the police through the experiences of a troubled teen who gets into an altercation on Vancouver’s SkyTrain. ATP’s interim artistic director Vicki Stroich previews the four shows of the fest in the above video. —Jon Roe

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