1. Calgary 2012 Wrap Party at the Palomino Room, BMO Centre, (Monday, March 4)

Calgary’s year as a cultural capital is nearly over. Do not despair; there’s one last party to celebrate the year that was. The bash features a photo booth, buskers and a screening of a behind-the-scenes documentary which captures how the “Sweet City Lip Dub” video was made. Admission is free, but you need to register at Eventbrite.

2. Scarlet Woman at Lunchbox Theatre (Opening Monday, March 4)
New York-based playwright Matthew Wells explores the femme fatale archetype in Scarlet Woman, opening today at Lunchbox. He talks about his love of the noir in a Q+A from Friday’s magazine.

3. Diamond Rings at Commonwealth Bar and Stage (Wednesday, March 6)

Diamond Rings, a.k.a. John O’Regan, brings a band for this trip to Calgary. He sat down with me for an extended Q+A, touching on his performance on Late Show with David Letterman  (see the video above), his national tour with Robyn and how experimenting drives his music-making.

4. The Story of Tanya Nepinak at The Art Gallery of Calgary (Wednesday, March 6)
To coincide with Off The Beaten Path, violence women and art, which closes Saturday, the Art Gallery of Calgary presents a free talk by Josie Nepinak, executive director of the Awo Taan Healing Lodge. Nepinak’s cousin, Tanya, was taken off the streets of Winnipeg in 2011. Nepinak will give a video presentation about the devastating effects these kidnappings have on the Aboriginal community.

5. Sometime Between Now and When The Sun Goes Supernova at Theatre Junction Grand (Opening Wednesday, March 6)


Mark Lawes spent the summer in Paris at an international exchange centre for the arts and sciences. He used the time to create Sometime Between Now and When the Sun Goes Supernova, a multimedia extravaganza based on the work of Douglas Coupland, Marshall McLuhan and Julian Jaynes. Read more about the play in a piece from Friday’s magazine. —Jon Roe

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