The penny—that scourge of change drawers and well-fitted pants—is living on borrowed time.

The federal government decision to mothball the coin has given everyone a duty even as it has given rise to fundraising initiatives. The Calgary Public Library Foundation is jumping on board with its Turn Pennies in to Books campaign.

The foundation wants you to take pennies out of circulation while helping the library boost its circulation. That’s a neat bit of symmetry that gets better when you learn that the smallest denomination coins will be earmarked to help the library’s smallest patrons. All proceeds of the campaign go to purchasing children’s books, which cost an average of $13.50.

The library is still handing out cloth penny bags for a while now, but if you want to help out by lightening your penny load, the library will not turn its nose up at pennies delivered in socks (clean ones), Mason jars or zip-locks bags. You can also make a donation by calling 403-221-4127.

—Bruce Weir

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