1. Have You Seen This? by Marc Dulude at Stride Gallery (Opening Friday, Feb. 22)

“The essence of my artistic approach is transmitted through setups, in situ works, sculptures and photos that suggest ambiguities, subterfuges or intimate relationships,” Marc Dulude writes on his website. The Montreal-based artist wants to challenge our perception of nature in his playful Stride Gallery exhibition. The reception is tonight at 8 p.m., but the gallery is open Saturday as well, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can see more of Dulude’s work on his website.

2. NMC Groundbreaker Shaker at the Golden Age Club (Friday, Feb. 22)

What better way to break ground on a new National Music Centre than with guitar-shaped shovels? There’s bands, food trucks and live music from HighKicks, The Bobby Kork Orchestra, Matt Masters and the Gentleman of the Rodeo and, of course, the King Eddy Blues All-Stars. Admission is free, but you need to rsvp to groundbreaking@nmc.ca.

3. Helios Dance Theatre presented by Alberta Ballet at Jubilee Auditorium (Friday, Feb. 22 and Saturday, Feb. 23)

The Los Angeles-based Helios Dance Theater brings two ballets by choreographer Laura Gorenstein Miller to the Jube. The first is inspired by Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and the second, titled The Lotus Eaters, is a contemporary take on Homer’s The Odyssey. You can sneak a peak at parts of The Lotus Eaters above.

4. WowFest at Westgate Community Hall (Saturday, Feb. 23)
Enjoy a delightful day of magic with both family-friendly and Cheap Date-friendly prices. There are three shows on Saturday, see the schedule at WowFest’s website.

5. The Pharcyde at Commonwealth Bar and Stage (Sunday, Feb. 24)

The Pharcyde are touring to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. Online tickets are sold out, but there might be a few left at Sloth (403-265-6585), Group 7 (403-229-3118) and The Gallery (403-452-6511). You can also try your luck at the door, or hope someone bought tickets, realized they have to work early Monday and are now trying to off-load them.

Fun Fact of the Weekend: Dogs May Have Evolved From the Wolves That Most Liked Eating Trash

This makes a lot of sense. The Smithsonian Magazine blog has the story. —Jon Roe

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