In the 10 episodes they have improvised to date, the gang at Dirty Laundry has woven a tangled web indeed.

This season’s “completely live, completely improvised comedy soap opera” is set at the Hotel St. Savon (those who have at least junior-high French will get the gag) at the close of the Second World War. The posh inn has proven to be a bit of a den of vipers.

When the pre-Christmas hiatus rolled around, Maxwell Sugarman, the hotel manager, was due in court to answer some questions about the firing of concierge Delilah Butter. The Wigglesworths—Reggie and Rosie—were having a bit of marital trouble that might have something to do with former childhood star and longtime hotel guest Baby Francine LaFloy. All this was exacerbated by Reggie’s habit of taking advantage of the acoustic properties of the pipes in the boiler room to stay warm while eavesdropping on conversations taking place in every part of the hotel.

Well, you get the picture. Things are unlikely to get much clearer when Dirty Laundry returns on Monday, Feb. 4, with guest performer Kirk Heuser of CBC News. (The gig gives him the chance to act improvise alongside his wife, Chantal Perron.)

On Monday, Feb. 11, the cast ups the ante and celebrates Valentine’s Day with its annual musical episode. It’s craziness with a beat and it should not be missed.

Dirty Laundry runs most Mondays at Lunchbox Theatre. 7:30 p.m. $10 – $14.

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