1. People You May Know is presented by One Yellow Rabbit as part of the High Performance Rodeo at The Big Secret Theatre, Epcor Centre (Ongoing)

The Rabbits make full use of their MacBooks in their new show for the Rodeo (which continues with lots of shows this weekend, see the full Rodeo schedule at their website). Their characters are Photo Booth distortions of their faces projected behind them. Learn more about People You May Know from director Blake Brooker, who sat down with Jon Roe for a Q+A in Friday’s magazine.

2. The Big Lebowski at The Plaza Theatre (Friday, Jan. 18)
The Fifth Reel screens the Coen brothers’ cult classic movie about mistaken identities, bowling and White Russians, a delicious drink that will be available at the Plaza for the screening. Tonight will also feature musical guest Astral Swans, who you can check out on Bandcamp.

3. Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise (Friday, Jan. 18 to Sunday, Jan. 20)
The weather won’t be too chilly for a weekend trip out to Lake Louise to check out the Ice Magic ice-sculpting festival. The sculptors are already underway and they’ll be at work all weekend. Their finished masterpieces will be judged on Sunday, which would be the perfect time to take a date, as we suggest in this week’s cheap date.

4. Splendid Isolation at the Esker Foundation (Opening Saturday, Jan. 19)

Drop into Inglewood for a look at the Esker Foundation’s newest exhibition, Splendid Isolation, which features photography by Olga Chagaoutdinova, Miruna Dragan, Orest Semchishen (whose photo, Fabyon, Alberta, 1978, appears above) and George Webber. To prep yourself, check out Webber’s work in his recent Swerve cover story, which pulls work from his newly published book, Prairie Gothic.

5. Jazz and Juice with The Deanne Matley Trio at The Main Dish (Saturday, Jan. 19)

The jazz will be provided by the Deanne Matley Trio and the juice is wine from Bon Vida Wines. The Main Dish plays host to this sophisticated night.

YouTube Video of the Weekend: Dogs Like Socks by Psychostick

A well-known fact is cemented with its own metal song. —Jon Roe

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