William Wordsworth “wandered lonely as a cloud,” but Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett have found their own cloud-based wanderings anything but isolating.

The artists who created CLOUD,  for Nuit Blanche Calgary in September took three weeks to recreate it for an exhibition in Moscow. The piece is part of a show called Art Experiment 2013 at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. (The gallery was founded in a former bus garage  by Dasha Zhukova, a Russian socialite who is dating Roman Abromovich, an oligarch who, among other things, owns Chelesea Football Club.)

According to a post of the artists’ website, the installation of 5,000 burnt out light bulbs (and a smaller number of functioning bulbs that can be turned on and off by gallery-goers) is in a prominent location at Garage. That means it is getting a lot of attention. Brown writes that, because Russian children are “miniature powers of destruction” and sometimes hang from the chains that turn the working bulbs on and off, there is daily maintenance required.

The photo above was taken by Brown and Garrett at the opening on Jan. 2. There are plenty more images at their website. —Bruce Weir

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