Verrry interesting. Schultzie’s catchphrase from Hogan’s Heroes is an apt tagline for Strange Relations, a new speakers series put on by Truck Gallery.

S#*ts & Giggles kicks off the fun, with Dr. John Gilleard taking on Sarah Adams on Thursday, Dec. 6. Gilleard, associate dean of research and lecturer at the U of C in the faculty of veterinary medicine, will present his lecture “Parasites: Friends or Foes.” (Did we mention he has a PhD in parasitology? Those exist, y’know.) Adams is an ACAD grad who has moved into the realm of standup comedy.

As for what goes down after the two have delivered their talks, let’s leave it to Truck to explain: “Strange Relations is a both a participatory art project and a participatory lecture series about art through the examination of both art and non-art subjects where the audience is asked to find kinship or discord between the ideas (they have to connect the two lectures in any question they ask) – resulting in a multi-faceted conversation about interpretation, comprehension and humor.”

The “lectorial contest” takes place at the Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 (116 7th Ave. S.E.) at 7 p.m.

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