Give you and yours the gift of family fun this holiday season by taking in Calgary Cinematheque’s holiday film. This year, it’s Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush. The silent class from 1925 tells the tale of the Little Tramp (Chaplin), who heads to the Yukon to make his riches. Two interesting tidbits: although set in the wilds of the north, the movie was filmed on a backlot and soundstages of Chaplin’s movie studio in Hollywood; and it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Recording. (That latter one was for its rerelease in 1942 that saw the addition of Chaplin’s narration, as well as a score.)

The film screens at noon on Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Admission is $5 per person and a non-perishable item for the Calgary Food Bank. Here’s a list of suggested items.

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