Heat a large saucepan on top of the stove until it is red hot. Add a tablespoon of water. Alright, that is a recipe for disaster, and we beg you not to do it.

Instead, tackle it as a “thought recipe” that, once the water starts dancing and darting around the hot pan, approximates the current state of Brandon Baltzley’s career.

The “Louisiana-born, low-country raised, nomadic chef, musician, writer, lover, fighter and part-time schitzo” is in town this week to cook a few dinners, make some new friends and squeeze in a trip to the Scotiabank Saddledome to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers—a band and a seasoning he is familiar with.

The dinners are part of Baltzley’s CRUX. The “culinary co-operative” pops ups in various Chicago locations to serve “a limited number of diners.” This week, those diners are Calgarians as Baltzley has a busy week planned in town. He meets with students at SAIT on Tuesday, then smiles through a meet (and maybe meat) and greet at Kensington Winebar the following evening.

He takes over the kitchen at Brasserie Kensington Thursday evening for a meal featuring, among it numerous courses, crispy veal, horse meat carpaccio and braised bison tongue. (To reserve, or at least get on the waiting list, click here.)

Friday’s pop up dinner at COP is likely full, but follow Baltzley’s Twitter feed (@BrandonBaltzley) for updates. His week in town ends with a sold-out dinner Saturday at the Petroleum Club.

If you’re not lucky enough to meet Baltzley this week, you can content yourself with his memoir. Nine Lives, chronicles his time as a drummer in a heavy metal band, and once the rock ’n’ roll excess became, well, excessive, rehab. It ain’t horse meat carpaccio but it’s not exactly chopped liver, either.

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