1. Dojo Workhorse album release at Broken City (Friday, Nov. 23)

The Dudes’ Danny Vacon gets a little more soulful when he fronts Dojo Workhorse. The Calgary band releases their new record Civil Shepherds tonight, which, Vacon tells the Calgary Herald’s Mike Bell, is a tribute to the Calgary music scene. You can hear more of Dojo’s tracks on CBC music’s site.

2. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown presented by Alberta Theatre Projects (Opening Friday, Nov. 23)

Calling all blockheads: ATP presents the funny page classic on stage. Try and see if you can match the actors to their cartoon counterparts in our match game.

3. The Host presented by Calgary Cinematheque at the Glenbow (Friday, Nov. 23)

Calgary Cinematheque has been presenting movies at the Glenbow as part of the museum’s current Fairytales, Monsters and the Genetic Imagination exhibition. The final show in the series is tonight and it’s the Korean monster movie, The Host. The lesson, as always, is never pour formaldehyde into the sewers or else you’re going to create a giant monster.

4. Jurassic Park beach party at the Plaza (Saturday, Nov. 24)

The Plaza combats the winter weather by throwing a tropical-themed bash. Local band the Pine Tarts open up the night followed by the classic movie with another important lesson: dinosaurs should probably stay dead unless we want to find out what it’s like to be at the other end of the food chain.

5. Joshua Jensen Nagle at Newzones (Friday, Nov. 23 and Saturday, Nov. 24)

Seeing the Seduction (2012)

It’s the final weekend for the photography exhibition Summer Seduction by Jensen Nagle, whose work was featured on the back page of December’s Harper’s magazine.

Honourable mention: Bon Appetit Banff also finishes up this weekend. Sample the finest cuisine Banff has to offer for a discount price. Also, check out the Winterstart Lake Louise World Cup while you’re up in the mountains. —Jon Roe

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