1. Calgary Latin Wave

The annual festival runs Friday to Sunday and brings the latest in South American films to town. Go see how the other half (those in the southern hemisphere) live. Best of all, tickets are $11, which makes Latin Wave a chance to broaden your horizons without breaking your budget. The festival is the subject of the Cheap Date in today’s magazine. We’re looking forward to Juan of the Dead, the source of the rather gruesome photo that accompanies this blog.

2. Blank-Fest

Here is a chance to groove to some live music while cloaking yourself in a warm fuzzy feeling. The 12-hour concert features 12 bands and begins Saturday (Nov. 3) at 2 p.m. down at the Blind Beggar Pub. Admission is a blanket, warm clothing or cold hard cash. All proceeds go to the Mustard Seed. The lineup includes Matt Blais, Before the Storm and Open Air. (The last two acts are all-too-fittingly named.)

3. GIRAF 8

The festival of experimental animation continues all weekend. On Friday (Nov. 2) Nick Cross and his off-kilter animations are in the spotlight. The fest wraps up on Sunday with the Plaid Party, which takes place in and around the Jubiliee Auditorium (animated films will be projected on the wall of the culture palace). The central feature (one might even call it the animating principle) of the party is a screening of The Log Driver’s Waltz. Check out our Q&A with animator John Weldon from today’s magazine. (Turns out the plaid in the cartoon lead to some animator’s cramp.)

4. Get Crafty

You can stick your head in the sand and try to ignore the fact that Christmas is coming or you can accept fate and decide to look around some of the many craft sales that are popping up all over town. Today’s magazine has a full page of sale listings and we’re also giving away tickets to a few of the biggies that roll around in a couple of weeks.

5. Dan Magnan

The man writes great songs and his exhaustive touring schedule leads us to believe he’s conquered thoseĀ Road Regrets. He shares the bill Sunday at the Jack Singer with Rural Alberta Advantage, which just might be the best way to send yourself dancing out of the weekend.


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  1. Chelsea says:

    I love that you guys included Dan Mangan, he puts on a great show! However, he’s been sold out for months, so if you don’t have a ticket at this point you are kind of S.O.L.

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