1. Wasabi Mayhem presented by CUFF at Costello’s (Tuesday, Nov. 20)

The Calgary Underground Film Festival throw a fishy double feature at Costello’s. First up is Sushi Girl, an “intense, violent, Reservoir Dogs-inspired thriller” starring Mark Hamill and Danny Trejo. Things then take a turn for the camp with the Japanese film Dead Sushi, which features drug-injected sushi coming to life. Admission includes a Steam Whistle and a (hopefully not back from the dead) maki roll.

2. Wooden Sky at Commonwealth (Thursday, Nov. 22)

Toronto band The Wooden Sky returns to Calgary for a Thursday show with Wildlife. The Wooden Sky were captured above by Welcome to the West, a local group that makes music videos and is about to celebrate their third anniversary later this month. They were also the subject of an Our Town in March 2010.

3. Noise presented by Verb Theatre at The Big Secret Theatre, Epcor Centre (Opening Thursday, Nov. 22)

Calgary’s poet laureate Kris Demeanor stops dropping rhymes for a moment to put on the music director’s hat for Verb Theatre’s Noise, a vibration-based musical featuring actors from Calgary’s deaf community. Read more about Demeanor and Noise in Swerve’s profile of him from Friday’s mag.

4. Dance Montage at U of C (Opening Thursday, Nov. 22)

The University of Calgary’s dance department’s Dance Montage is a Calgary tradition since 1969. It will likely be a weekend free of politics, despite what Re-Flex warned us about in the video above.

5. Atmosphere by Clayton Anderson at Diana Paul Galleries (Until Thursday, Nov. 22)

This week is your last chance to check out the work by contemporary realist landscape painter Clayton Anderson. The above piece is titled Athabasca. Anderson says he explores painting as a means of self expression. “Although the images are representational, my objective is to infuse them with a new vitality and emotional content that expresses my personal and unique vision of the environment,” he writes in his artist’s statement. —Jon Roe

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